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About Kiinjal Mehta

The true art of makeup lies in the ability to make you feel confident on the inside, as you look your best, outside. Kiinjal Mehta swears by this principle. Bold, passionate and gifted, Kiinjal Mehta’s purpose is simple – to make everyone feel good about themselves. Having acquired expert skills and knowledge in the world of makeup and beauty, Kiinjal Mehta has travelled all over national and international markets to work magic with her Makeup.

Just like every girl, Kiinjal too was inspired by her mother to love this transforming art. Over the years she perfected the skills required through hard work, sheer talent and intense training. Having trained with renowned international makeup artists like Alessandro Alcantro, Gleyci Sassi, and 'DressYourFace' (Tamanna Roashan), Kiinjal has carved a niche for herself in creative makeup. Kiinjal loves experimenting and never shies away from a challenge, no matter what the requirement is, Kiinjal knows exactly how to tackle it – a quality one must definitely look for in a Makeup Artist.

Kiinjal’s journey from a regular girl who loved makeup to one of the top makeup artists in the country, has been nothing short of inspiring. Her popularity and credibility led multiple global brands like Sephora, Kiko Milano and Innisfree to work with her to showcase their products. She has also worked with celebrities like Saina Nehwal and Kirti Kharbanda to make them look their glamourous best.

Being a strong, entrepreneurial woman herself, Kiinjal also supports many others like her who are fuelled by their passion for makeup. With ‘Kiinjal Mehta Studio and Academy’, Kiinjal offers intensive makeup courses to amateurs as well as professionals looking to make a career in the industry. Apart from including modules on makeup skills, Kiinjal also covers the tips and tricks of the business itself and how one can position themselves successfully in the market. Her holistic, professional approach to training has made her a favourite among makeup professionals who want to turn their dreams to reality.

Inspiring women all over to be their own boss, bringing the best of international markets to local markets, and using Makeup to highlight, unique beautiful facets, Kiinjal Mehta is a name you won’t forget.

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